What Equipment do You Need for Scuba Diving

What Equipment do You Need for Scuba Diving

What equipment do you need for scuba diving?  Scuba diving requires several pieces of equipment that are designed to make the experience safer and more comfortable.  In order to have a successful dive you need the ability to swim and breathe while underwater along with the ability to see the world around you.   At the same time you need to be able to protect your body from the cold temperatures that can be found underwater even in the warmest parts of the world.  So what basic scuba gear do you need…let’s take a look.

Scuba Tanks

This is the air tank and breathing apparatus that allows you to stay underwater.  It supplies you with air and consists of scuba tanks holding a large volume of compressed air.  This means you don’t have to come to the surface every few second to grab air.

Scuba Suit

There are wet suits, dry suits and body suits to help protect you underwater.  You need them to help keep your body warm under the water and to protect it from scrapes or cuts when coming near rocks and coral.

Diving Mask

The diving mask allows you to see underwater and it is important, you also need to make sure that you get a mask that fits you properly.  Here is some help in getting a well-fitting mask.


A regulator makes breathing underwater more comfortable as it regulates the compressed air that you get from your scuba tanks.

Buoyancy Device

Moving around underwater is nothing like on land, this device will allow you to control your movements under the water.  Whether you want to get closer to something, kneel to take pictures you need a buoyancy device to do that easily and comfortably.


There are all kinds of fins on the market for regular swimming but you need fins specifically made for diving.

Diving Computer

Your diving computer will feed you information like the time and the depth you have gone to.  It can do other things like track the level of nitrogen that is in your body, all that information will let you know how much longer you can safely stay in the water.

There are plenty of other accessories and gear that you can take with you scuba diving, but the only thing you really need to add to this list is a diving knife.  As you get more comfortable and experienced diving that’s when you want to bring camera equipment and other things with you.